Is this a dating website?

Premature ejaculator, seeks beautiful blonde, with long tanned legs, nice body and waxed……..

…….oh hold on……

……..damn it, it doesn’t matter now.


50 thoughts on “Is this a dating website?

  1. Okay. I’m really mad about this post. I read it and laughed so hard I snorted. I’m a GRANDMOTHER, for goodness’ sake! I’m not supposed to even get that joke let alone laugh that hard. You’re a terrible influence! Now I have to go read more!

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  2. Stop it, my bladder is not under control! oh man, I needed that today, all week, and my post at 2p tomorrow, well not funny but all about the need for laughter! YOU rock.
    p.s. thx for leaving breadcrumbs so my kids could get a valuable lesson sitting here with me today. They are begging me to scroll back down cuz they couldn’t read that fast!! Thank God.

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    1. Bahahaha, glad you enjoyed it as much as me. Thanks for leaving such a long comment, I had another two accidents while I read it.
      Seriously though, I do appreciate the comment and love to see that it puts a smile on your face.

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